John Philip Caldicott – 1876-1960 Accountant, Emigrated to Canada

John Phillip Caldicott was born on 6 February 1876 to Oswald Holt Caldicott and Rosa Mary Jagger and, following in his father’s footsteps, went on to train in accountancy.

In July 1906 he married Mary Ethel Grinsell, daughter of James Erasmus Grinsell, Birmingham manufacturer of Grinsell and Sons producing silver-mounted glass, stoneware and ceramic items.


The couple had one daughter, Judith Holland Caldicott, born in July 1907

Maybe under the recommendation of his father-in-law, who was already a member of the Holte Lodge, he joined the Warden Lodge of Freemasons, based in Sutton Coldfield on 4 February 1908.

However, by the outbreak of WW1 the family had emigrated to Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada and John had enlisted as a Private in the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

He was experienced in the military having volunteered for the 1st South Stafford Volunteers Regiment in England between 1899 and 1903.

He enlisted as a private in 1916, but by 1919 was promoted to corporal. He spent much of the war serving on the battlefields of France.

After serving in WW1 he returned to his career in accountancy from which he retired in 1955.

John Phillip Caldicott died on 23 March 1960, aged 84, at Shaughnessy Hospital, Vancouver and was buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

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